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1911 census Boyce in Pontypridd & Merthyr Tydfil

1911 census - Boyce in Somersetshire

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1911 census Boyce in Cardiff

1911 census Boyce in Monmouthshire

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Boyce Family Story- Ditcheat to East Ham

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1881 census Boyce in Glamorganshire

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1881 census Boyce in Somersetshire

1901 census Boyce in Glamorganshire

1901 census Boyce in Somersetshire

BOYCE Family of Westbury & Wedmore SOM

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Useful Research Links

The following is a list useful research links that I have compiled. I have used these websites myself in my research of the Boyce names.

I will take no responsibility for any of these websites being used for your own research. I have no connection to any working systems of these research sites.

This link below is a new Norfolk Memorials website. Well worth a look if researching here. added  16/11/05


This is a great website for all people starting to research your family trees.This site is part of the Friends Reunited site which operates worldwide.Found lots of people trying to research the same names , although some were not belonging directly you can take those families from the lists you may have to find your direct link.


This is a good research site . Although you may have to pay for some information , it is more in depth than other websites.


This site is great for 1881 British census info

This site has loads of info which most people call IGI.  The info on IGI is collated by   - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints , which are based in Salt Lake City , USA.


Very useful site for research worldwide.I have used this site myself on a regular basis.


This is one of my favourite websites and i have had loads of info from here.

Info listed between 1837 and 1911 only at the moment, although there is info of people born before this time.

This site does not work very well if you have high cover with Norton Antivirus or Firewall. They dont work well together. Norton will need to be disabled to use this FREEBMD site.


The village by village contact site for anybody researching family history, genealogy and local history in the UK and Ireland. Every UK county, town and village has a page for family history, local history, surname and genealogy enquiries. Use the search box to find your village or town


Lost cousins is a quite new website. And well worth looking into.

It is free if you add loads of info from 1881 census families and it seems to have a good member rating at the moment.

All my family info is on this site. Well recommended by me.


Genealogy research website at its best. Other esearchers will try and help you if you are stuck with info on certain families in al areas of the U.k.  Give as much info as you can and extra is normally found by someone.


Great for geting info from others researching the same names worldwide. Had good responses from my messages so far. Many people have also had info from me due to my messages on the Boyce boards.


Find the old maps of villages were your relatives once lived. This is great for finding some old area names which no longer exist or have been recalled a different name.

Loads of info on this military website by Kevin Asplin. Well worth a look if you think your relatives had a military background.


Thanks for looking through