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Here's a collection of My Boyce Family photos.

Some pictures of my family and relatives for you to peruse.

Brown Lennox Chain works ,pontypridd
both my grt grandfather and grancher worked here.

Grancher William Boyce , Powerstation Pass

Workers at Brown Lennox Chain works

William Boyce - My Grancher

Hawthorn Carnival about 1950? my father is front center.

Grancher William Boyce { Front Bottom Left}
Pontypridd Powerstation about 1942

Boyce Relatives - Unknown at the moment?
info on the back shows it was sent to
miss e boyce ,
29 meadow street , treforest .
who is believed to be a relative of mine.

My father
Frederick James Boyce
several years ago

My father Frederick James Boyce
at my sisters wedding.

My sister Janice's wedding photo
Boyce family members here are
left to right
Alan , Michael,Steven, David {kneeling} Frederick James {dad} Janice and Neil {kneeling down , right side}

My Dad & Mam at my brother Neil's Wedding
Frederick James Boyce & Jaquline Ruth Boyce

Dad pretending to eat
Janice's wedding cake
Some of the Boyce kids. @ Junction Hotel , Abercynon
{back row } My cousins
Paul Boyce , John Boyce {sons of William R. Boyce}
,{me}David ,{My brothers} Steven,Michael,Alan and Neil {wearing white shirt in middle}
Cousin Kathy Boyce {Daughter of Albert Boyce} ,
My Sister Janice Boyce and
Cousin Georgette {Daughter of Doris Boyce / Elwood}

Thanks for looking through Boyce Genes