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Genesreunited Info Requests

Genesreunited Info Requests

Angela Tait 9th October 2004 00:44  

My grandmother was ELIZABETH BOYCE and I believe she was born in Oxfordshire c1865. She married RICHARD HENRY BATTY in 1890

and they had 8 children. During their marriage they lived in the Wortley area of Barnsley,South Yorkshire. I think she died in 1936 and her

husband died around 1952. At the time of his death he lived in Cudworth.

Their children were:- Stella,Stephen, Mona, Harriet, Dick,Kezia, Thomas and Elizabeth. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone can tell me how I can get back to a previous generation??

Stuart Guest 17th September 2004 13:42  

Seeking a Rosalia Martha Boyce born Bromley Bow London 1846 and her parents James Boyce I believe born Prestleigh Somerset who

married a Martha Cooper who died in 1847.

Neil Boyce 11th November 2004 22:48  

my great grandfather WALKER BOYCEb1849 emigrated to New Zealand c1873 from Ballydugan,County Down,Northern Ireland.

He married MARY JEMIMA SLOAN in Invercargill NZ in 1879. They had 13 children.My grandfather WILLIAM JOHN b1881 married

Louisa Catherine Everett 1911.They had 3 children.My father WILLIAM HORACE BOYCE b1914 is still alive.His cousin GORDON

ASHER BOYCE travelled to Ireland in the early 1970s and compiled a very comprehensive family tree of the descendants of

WILLIAM BOYCEb1818,married JANE PATTON b.c1822at Knocknamuckly Parish County Armagh Northern Ireland 22.4.1841

As Parish registers were not preserved prior to 1820,any earlier family history has been impossible to trace.

Anne Woodruff 4th August 2005 12:41  

Looking for my fathers sid of the family. My father name is Gerald Peter Boycy, My mother name is Muriel Elaine Boyce (Rea).

My father had several brothers, Michael, Peter, Dunny, and a sister Irene Swindlehurst, she is still living in Claughton Village

Birkenhead England. I am looking for my cousins from my dads side, I know my cousins from Aunty Irene, Jimmy, Anne, Janet,

John, Ian and Clair. Would love to hear from anybody. My name is Anne Marie Woodruff (Boyce) now living in Norfolk Virginia USA.

    Roy Mace 15th February 2006 19:36  

Boyce history of Burgate, Rickinghall, Eye, Suffolk.

Blois, Voice, Voyce, Boice, Boyce

Starting with William Boyce (widower) and Mary Smith married at Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk in 1804. He was previously known as William Voice born 1781 at Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk. His siblings were John Blois (1780 Eye, Suffolk), Elizabeth Voyce (1784 Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk), James Voyce (1785 Rickinghall Inf) and Samuel Voyce (1787 Rickinghall Inf).
His parents were Robert Blois (buried 1837at Rickinghall Inf as Robert Boyce) and Diana (Dina) Berry married Eye, Suffolk.

It seems that the name depends almost entirely on the parish (or priest) where the records were noted.

Any info on the evolution of the name would be appreciated.

Kevin Boyce 30th March 2006 15:23  

seeking information on Ayrshire Boyce's in early 1800, possibly came over from Ireland at the turn of the century


Stephen Boyce 4th April 2006 19:41  

I am researching the boyce family back to their roots in suffolk. My great, great,grandfather, robert boyce was born in botesdale, abt 1830 and married judith sheppard, who was born in rickinghall abt1831. Their marriage took place in wartham parish church on the 16th march 1850, the marriage certificate shows roberts father was called EDMUND Boyce.
Unfortunatley there a number of edmunds which could fit the profile, so far drawn a blank, can any one help.
Robert boyce moved with his family to west ardsley nr morley (Leeds).

Geoffrey Boyce 14th June 2006 19:35  

Looking for the names and origins of the parents of my great-great grandfather, William Boyce (b. 1805 Portsea - d. 1879 Croydon). He was a brickmaker who travelled the southern counties following the railway development, even to France in 1841. He was born illegitimate to Esther Boyce (d. 1837 Portsea @ 55). Esther (Etty) later married Francis Beckett and had 4 children by him. William used the name Beckett when it suited him, as did his own children by his wife Puella Morgan. One of their sons, Joseph, married in the name of Beckett and was the father of Joe Beckett, the HW Boxing Champion of GB & the British Empire (1919-23). Another of their sons was Samuel Boyce (b Woolwich 1850 - d. 1907 Croydon), my own paternal great-grandfather.
Hope to crack this one somehow.
Geoff Boyce

Sieglinde Boyce 20th February 2007 03:28  

I am trying to find my husband's Ancestor:

WILLIAM JOHN BOYCE. This man has been a real mystery for
myself and 3 other cousins for the last 3 years.

I do not have a clue where this man was born in England.
All that I know for sure is that on his marriage certificate he had listed his father as a WILLIAM BOYCE.

As I said I have no information before he arrived in Australia
He was born c1835????
He married in Adelaide, South Australia 1 Oct. 1862
His wife was Mary Tabraham Hawkes.

Have not found him on any shipping registers for SA, so I have
the feeling he might have landed in another State and made his way to South Australia by 1862.

The only fact I do have is that he died in 1888 in Broken Hill
and was burried in a paupers grave, he was only 53 years old.

Would love to meet up with anyone who can shed some light
on this elusive William John Boyce.

Looking forward to your reply,

Sieglinde, Queensland,. Australia.

Ben Shearing 31st January 2006 20:23  

looking for information on a GLADYS SHEARING nee BOYCE , she was married to a VICTOR SHEARING .
she may of had a half brother called john , if anyone could help it would be great

Frederick Bellows 17th November 2004 07:28  


Susan Beavan 8th August 2005 13:17  

my grandmothers maiden name was Boyce, her name was Winnifred Helena and she had a brother Kenneth who was a minister in Redditch i think,my great grandfathers name was Vincent cant remember when he was born but he died in the sixties, he came from Islington London and grandma came from Manchester

  2nd September 2007   

Maybe these are a match ???? worth a try

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Marriages Jun 1904
Boyce Vincent - Chorlton 8c 1265
Halsall Richard - Chorlton 8c 1265
King Elizabeth - Chorlton 8c 1265 ?
Nixon Ethel Mary - Chorlton 8c 1265 ?
Births Jun 1905 -
BOYCE Vincent - Kettering 3b 166  

Births Sep 1910 - BOYCE Winifred H - Chorlton 8c 656 


Judy Daniels 21 December 2014

Can you help with Boyce information for Sarah Boyce born 1793??
Sarah Boyce who was born in 1793 in
Cheddar , Somerset , England and died in 1827 .
She married William Reeves on 22 Oct 1817 in Cheddar England.
William Reeves was born on 10 April 1785 in Cheddar England.
They had 5 children.
1. Richard Reeves,
2. Elizabeth Reeves,
3. William Reeves,
4. Honour Reeves,
5. John Reeves
Hope to  hear from you.    Judy Daniels

You can answer these by contacting me now that Genesreunited has closed !

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