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Frederick Boyce 1848 Evercreech


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Family of Frederick Boyce born 1848 of Evercreech

Family of Frederick Boyce born 1848 of Evercreech

The info listed below is regarding to the family of
Frederick Boyce born 1848 of Evercreech.

Frederick Boyce was born in the June Qtr of 1848.
In the village of Evercreech , Somersetshire.
Parents William Boyce & Mary Jane Boyce nee Walker.

Frederick Boyce is shown to be the third child.
He was the second son to be called Frederick .
His older brother Frederick died in 1840 just 4 months old.
Fredericks siblings were :-
1. Frederick Boyce 1840 ( Died in infancy ),
2. Ann Boyce 02 June 1843 ,
3. William Boyce before 8 Feb 1851 ,
4. Alfred Boyce 1850 ( Died in infancy ) ,
5. Alfred James Boyce 1852 ,
6. Ellen Boyce 1860 , Elizabeth Boyce 1862 ,
7. Joseph Albert Boyce 05 July 1865
( Joseph Albert is my Great Grandfather -Dave Boyce )

Frederick married Mary Ann Reakes of Evercreech.
December qtr 1870 (5c899 shepton mallet ).
In their short marriage they had at least 7 children,
known to be as listed :-
1. Mary Jane Boyce 04 Feb 1872 ,
2. Ellen Boyce 30 April 1873 ,
3. Bessie Rosina Boyce 1875 ,
4. William Herbert Boyce 11 May 1876 ,
5. Thomas Francis Boyce 1879/1880 ,
6. Gertrude Boyce 04 Nov 1882 ,
7. Annie Eliza Boyce 23 Nov 1884 .

Shortly after the birth of Annie Eliza at the end of 1884 .
Her mother Mary Ann died on 28 December 1885 just 38 years.

Frederick then later married a lady named Elizabeth Hewer.
December qtr of 1887 ( 5c886 Shepton Mallet ).
Elizabeth had two children of her own
• James Hewer 1876
• Mary Ann Hewer 1883.

Both these children are found on census forms
living with their new stepfather Frederick.

Around the time of the death of Fredericks first wife
and his second marriage many of his brothers and sister
moved over to the Pontypridd area to secure their future
with the growth of the industries in the thriving industrial
valleys communities.
Many worked on Farms , in pits and like my own Great
Grandfather Joseph Albert Boyce in the local
Brown Lenox Chain works as Blacksmiths.
Several of Fredericks children from his first marriage
to Mary Ann Reakes also moved over to the South
Wales valleys where they settled down to live.
We know from our records and census forms that the areas
of Pontypridd , Rhondda (Ystradyfodwg) , Merthyr and
Penarth are all relevant to the family.

Frederick Boyce was a GRAND Master of the Foresters in Somersetshire.

Although I have been researching for over 7 years I am glad
to have recently been in contact with Ann Pratt who is the
Grandaughter of Bessie Rosina Boyce.

Ann has the Boyce Bible which has provided us with many
dates and info to fill in a large void which I have been trying
to find research on for all these years.

Many Thanks Ann !!



Boyce family photo in Evercreech

This photo is from left to right as you look the people are
Bessie Rosina Mullett nee Boyce (Ann Pratt's Grandmother)
Auntie Lil and Ellen Miller nee Boyce.

Auntie Lil from Wales and sister-in-law to the other two sisters
in the photo and who lived to be over a hundred) and Ellen Miller.
The photo was taken in the garden of Bessie's cottage.
She lived with Auntie Miller.and this was one of four cottages.
They were called "The Rope Walk", Weston Town, Evercreech.
Auntie Miller slipped one Sunday afternoon and fractured her femur.
She had gone to the post box with a letter to her daughter in Wales
as she did every Sunday.
She was in Bath Hospital originally.
However, her Welsh family wanted her nearer them and after many
years living with Bessie she was transferred and died there some time
Auntie Lils lived past her 100th birthday.

This info was provided by Ann Pratt of Evercreech

Family Photo supplied by Researcher Tony Knight.

Tony Knight is a relative of Hilda Boyce who lived in Bridgend.

Wedding Day Photo

Photgraph 2

Hilda Mary Boyce, Aunt Lizzie ( Elizabeth Hewer) ,Nana Boyce

was taken on 14 Aug 1937,

taken at Marion's (Tony's mums sister) wedding

Aunt Lizzie ( Elizabeth Hewer) - Stepmother to Lillian Boyce

(nee Gillett),

Tony Knight's Grandmother Nana Boyce -

Tony Knight's mothers mother ( Grandmother),

wife of William Boyce

This info and photo was provided and supplied by

Researcher Tony Knight.

 Tony Knight is a relative of Hilda Boyce who lived in Bridgend.

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1911 CENSUS INFO of BOYCE in Shepton Mallet area

Name Birth
Year Age Sex Registration District County

BOYCE, Agnes 1831 80 F Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Edward 1843 68 M Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth 1844 67 F Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth Jane 1882 29 F Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Ethel 1867 44 F Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Frederick 1848 63 M Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Mabel 1872 39 F Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Mary Ann 1844 67 F Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, Robert Simon 1885 26 M Shepton Mallet Somersetshire
BOYCE, William 1861 50 M Shepton Mallet Somersetshire

1911 CENSUS INFO of BOYCE in Glamorgan area

BOYCE, William187734 MBridgendGlamorganshire

I now have copies of some original and detailed 1911 Census forms.


If you are researching the Boyce families of

Evercreech , Ditcheat and South Wales

please contact Dave Boyce at his email


Updated 07 December 2014