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Boyce Research - Updated 14 March 2008

I have loads of Boyce family data from 1794 to the present day.

I have collected data from census from 1841 to 1901 which are available.

I have the 1851 and 1861 Glamorgan Census discs for research.

I have Boyce burial details of

  • Trealaw Cemetery in the Rhondda , South Wales 
  • Glyntaf Cemetery  in Pontypridd ,South Wales

List of Marriages and Marriage licences issued to Boyce families in Evercreech are at the Bottom of the page.

I have had lot of help from Christine Brookes who is a relative of my Boyce Family.I would like to thank her for her assistance in this research of the Boyce families of South Wales and Somerset.

I have found that several men of the Boyce family were Blacksmiths or worked within the Agricultural area. After moving to Wales some also became miners within the pits of South Wales.

One of my relatives George Boyce was aged 17 when he was killed in the Albion Colliery disaster in Cilfynydd near Pontypridd on 25th June 1894 he was one of 290 miners killed, a memorial is at LLanfabon Church near Abercynon as a memorial to those killed in 1894 ,17 were unknown people.

Another Boyce family member was injured in a Mine accident and died several years later aswell.

Info from new relatives i have recently been in contact with are on the bottom of this page....

  • Boyce / Follett.     of Somerset , Pontypridd
  • Boyce / Walker    of Ditcheat
  • Boyce / Lloyd.
  • Boyce / Hunt        of Somerset, Pontypridd
  • Boyce / Wrench   of Somerset, Aldbury Hertfordshire , Pontypridd
  • Boyce / Fussell     of Somerset
  • Boyce / Reakes    of Somerset
  • Boyce / Rowssell   of Somerset , Pontypridd
  • Boyce / Windows  of Pontypridd
  • Boyce / Gould      of Wells ,Somerset 
  • Boyce / Coleman of Merthyr Tydfil
  • Boyce / Allen       of Pontypridd
  • Boyce / Davies    of Mountain Ash / Llanwonno
  • Boyce / Mounter  of Somerset , Penarth
  • Boyce / Akers     of Deptford , Barry ,Penarth
  • Boyce / Garland   of Pontypridd , Somerset

The change of surname from Boice to Boyce in the early 1800's

Boyce's in Glamorgan on 1861 census are listed at the bottom end of the page these are not all believed to be any relation to me directly at the moment but may be linked indirectly by marriages in other families.

....thanks Dave Boyce    updated March 2008

Boyce info  Birth ,Marriages and Deaths. 1800s - DITCHEAT , SOMERSET

1841 Census

ref HO107/943/8 Folio 18 Page 12 Church Lane ,West Pennard

 William Boyce  - 25 - Ag Lab

 Jane Boyce  - 20

Frederick Boyce -  5 months

living next door are believed to be William Boyce's parents

Edward Boyce  - 50 - Ag Lab

Mary Boyce  - 60


1841 Census

ref HO107/963/3 Folio 10 page 12 Merryland /Ditcheat

William Boyce     -  40 Ag Lab   c. 1801

Edith Boyce         -  35               c . 1806

Ann Boyce           - 14                c . 1827

Charles Boyce     - 13                c . 1828

William Boyce     - 11                c . 1830

Jane Boyce          - 8                 c . 1833

Charlotte Boyce   - 4                 c . 1837


1841 Census

ref HO107/963/3 Folio 13 Page 18   Ditcheat

Anthony Boyce    - 56   Ag Lab        c.1775

Ann Boyce          - 60                      c.1781

Jeremiah Boyce   -20    Ag Lab        c.1821

Caleb Boyce        -15 - Ag Lab         c.1826 ?

Elizabeth Boyce   -15                      c. 1826 ?

Jane Boyce         - 13                      c. 1823


1851 Census
Ditcheat ,Street
BOYCE    William   33 Ag. Lab.            Ditcheat,  Som.
               Jane      29 Seamstress        West Pennard
               Ann        7 Scholar               West Pennard
               Mary      5                           Ditcheat,  Som.
              Frederic   2                          Ditcheat,  Som.
              William   2m                        Ditcheat, 

1851 Census of Ditcheat

Mary Boyce 70 Widow

Edward Boyce 6 Orphan Pauper Grandson born Ditcheat


Marriages from Evercreech PRs
format(tab separated)
date    Groom First name, Surname       Bride FN,Surname.
GroomAge      BrideAge        GroomStatus     BrideStatus     GroomAbode
   BrideAbode      GroomFather     BrideFather     GroomFathOccu
BrideFathOccu   Witnesses

24/12/1872      William BOYCE   Elizabeth Ann   HUNT 
   22      21      Bachelor        Spinster        Labourer
           Evercreech      Evercreech      William BOYCE   Israel HUNT     Labourer        Labourer        Frederick BOYCE Jane HUNT(m)

25/12/1879      Alfred  BOYCE   Phoebe  FUSSELL
23      21      Bachelor        Spinster        Labourer
Evercreech      Evercreech      William BOYCE   Job
FUSSELL     Labourer        Labourer        Job FUSSELL     Ellen

No Marriages of Williams daughters recorded in Evercreech up to 31/12/1899

20/03/1872      Mary Jane dau of Frederick & Mary Ann BOYCE Evercreech  Father  a Labourer
29/06/1873      Ellen   dau of Frederick & Mary Ann BOYCE  Evercreech   Father  a Labourer
26/12/1880      Alfred Job son of Alfred & Phoebe BOYCE   Evercreech  Father  a Miller

24/09/1882    Ernest Leonard son of Alfred & Phoebe BOYCE  Evercreech     Miller

  William & Elizabeth up to 31/12/1899

1861 Census - I have looked through my print-outs of the Evercreech Census
and did not find William & Jane

1871 Census ( index)
These are the index entries in 1871 Census for all Ditcheat
born BOYCE's - may be worth trying to fit them in
Albert Boyce 5 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Son Evercreech Somerset
(my transcription below)
Alfred Boyce 15 Ditcheat,
Somerset, England Son Evercreech Somerset
(my transcription below)
Caleb Boyce 48 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Ditcheat Somerset
Edith Boyce 69 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Ditcheat Somerset
Edward Boyce 27 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Ditcheat Somerset
Eleanor Boyce 12 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Servant Evercreech Somerset
Elizabeth Boyce 9 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Daughter Evercreech Somerset
(my transcription below)
James Boyce 74 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head East Pennard Somerset
James Boyce 83 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head St Cuthbert Somerset
Rosanna Boyce 2 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Daughter Ditcheat Somerset
William Boyce 53 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Evercreech Somerset

(my transcription below)
William Boyce 20 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Son Evercreech Somerset
William Boyce 82 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Out St Cuthbert Somerset
Wm Boyce 13 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Son Ditcheat Somerset

1871 Census (my transcription)
Pecking Mill    Evercreech      SOM     RG10/2440 f. 43r-5
William    Boyce   M       53    M       Ditcheat        SOM   Head     Labourer
Jane         Boyce   F       43    F    West Pennard  SOM   Wife
Frederick Boyce   U       22    M       Ditcheat       SOM     Son     Labourer
Wiliam      Boyce   U      20    M       Ditcheat       SOM    Son     Labourer
Alfred        Boyce   U     15     M       Ditcheat      SOM    Son     Labourer
Elizabeth  Boyce   U      9       F       Ditcheat       SOM        Daur    Scholar
Albert        Boyce   U     5       M       Ditcheat      SOM           Son     Scholar

and a possible for the parents of  Elizabeth Ann HUNT(see above) also from
the1871 Census

Israel Hunt    48 North Cadbury, Somerset,  Head      North Cadbury Somerset
Hannah Hunt
50 East Coker, Somerset,  Wife           North Cadbury Somerset
Henry Hunt    17 North Cadbury, Somerset, Son        North Cadbury Somerset
Edwin Hunt   14 North Cadbury, Somerset, Son        North Cadbury Somerset
Ann Hunt        9 North Cadbury, Somerset, Daughter North Cadbury Somerset
John Hunt       2 North Cadbury, Somerset,    Son     North Cadbury Somerset

1881 you already have

1891 Census index shows Frederick  & Elizabeth with both sons, daughters
and a stepson and daughter (Surname HEWER) on RG12/1912/29/1 included in
this index (*)
Boyce, Frederick 41 Ditcheat, Somerset Head Evercreech Somerset*
Boyce, Bessie 16 Ditcheat, Somerset Daughter Evercreech Somerset *

Boyce, Caleb 70 Ditcheat, Somerset Head Ditcheat Somerset
Boyce, William 35 Ditcheat, Somerset Son Ditcheat Somerset

Boyce, Edward 47 Ditcheat, Somerset Head Batcombe Somerset
Boyce, Rosanna 23 Ditcheat, Somerset Daughter Batcombe Somerset

Boyce, William 31 Ditcheat, Somerset Head Burnham Somerset

Boyce, William 74 Ditcheat, Somerset   Shepton Mallet Somerset

1901 Census shows the following Ditcheat born BOYCE's
Frederick is with wife Elizabeth and stepson James HEWER

Frederick Boyce 52 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Evercreech Somerset

Edward Boyce 57 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Evercreech Somerset

William Boyce 39 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Head Burnham Somerset

William Boyce 40 Ditcheat, Somerset, England Boarder Ditcheat Somerset


Boyce / Follett

Margaret Ann Boyce born abt 1891 Eglwysilan, Pontypridd {? 11a 368 } married Walter Follett born abt 1890 Treherbert , Glamorgan .  Possible Marriage Pontypridd Dec qtr 1910 11a 857 .
They later lived at Rockingstone Tce with many of the Boyce Families

Margaret Ann Boyce was my Grt Grandfather Albert Boyce's Sister.

Boyce /Lloyd

here is a list of brian and vals relatives.
grt grt grfather william boyce who married jane walker
grt grfather alfred boyce 6 march 1856 married Phoebe Fussell
grfather william boyce 1885-1952  who married Mary Windows born 1891
 father Herbert Lloyd1913 who married Enid Maud Boyce {known as mary now 87}
Enid Mauds family members , Brothers , sisters.
These names are not presently listed on my familytree because they are not found on searches up to 1911.
William Boyce 1915
Phoebe Boyce 1916
Frederick Boyce 1920
Edith Boyce 1922
Arthur Boyce 1923
John Boyce 1929
Alfred Boyce 1930
Dorothy Boyce 1934
Florence Jane Hunt born North Cadbury 1872 {Wincanton March qtr 1872 5c 545} is the first child of Elizabeth Ann Hunt and William Boyce.
Florence Jane was born before their marriage and due to these
circumstances Florence Jane took the name Hunt and not Boyce.Florence Jane was brought up with her grandparents Hannah Hunt and Israel Hunt as listed on the 1881 at Three Ashes , North Cadbury , Somerset . Florence Jane was listed aged 9 on 1881 census.
It is believed that Florence Jane Hunt moved to Pontypridd ,South Wales with her grandmother Hannah Hunt after the death of  her grandfather Israel Hunt in Feb 1889 at the Wincanton Workhouse.
It seems that Florence Jane Hunt is then listed on the 1891 census in Rockingstone , Pontypridd as Jane Boyce aged 19 born North Cadbury and is shown as daughter of William Boyce.
There is no other Jane Boyce found listed anywhere after lots of researching.
Florence Jane Hunt {Boyce}then married John James Rumble in Cardiff March qtr 1892 11a355.
Florence Jane Hunt / Jane Boyce was very close to the Boyce family and there is a resemblance in the Boyce features in many photographs we have looked at.
I have been given info about William Boyce and Jane Walkers parents
it is believed that William Boyce's parents were EDWARD BOICE born Ditcheat 1794 and his mother was Mary {surname unknown}born ditcheat 1797. They married 1815 in Ditcheat.
Jane Walkers's parents were listed at her christening on 26 May 1822 in West Pennard as John Walker and Mary Whitehead.
The name changed from BOICE to BOYCE after William and this has been kept through the centuries.


EDWARD BOYCE  Born 1844 Ditcheat

Edward Boyce age 15 , born Ditcheat Somerset
est birth year 1844  relationship to head of house - servant         gender - male .
RG9 / 1660                       Wards Farm - Agricultural Labourer.
reg area SHEPTON MALLETT         sub dist Evercreech
ED 9       folio 11  page 19       househould 107
Head of house Jonas Maby or Moby Widower age 65 Farmer of 67 acres employing 2 labourers born Ditcheat

 house- 96
Great Church Lane
BOYCE James 34 Gaol Turnkey Evercreech, Som.
Hannah 38 Evercreech, Som.
Lucy 9 Scholar Shepton Mallet, Som.
Clara 6 Scholar Shepton Mallet, Som.
Elizabeth 1 Shepton Mallet, Som.
ROSSITER William Son in Law 15 Tailor app Ditcheat, Som.

1841 Census - Ditcheat -BOYCE's info found by others.
1. ?         Boyce 30 shopkeeper
        Ann Boyce 30
2.     Ann Boyce 55
        Jane Boyce 14
3.   Grace Boyce 45 garden ?
      James Boyce 20 cooper
   Edward Boyce 18
             ? Boyce 16
4.    James Boyce    5 -  ( found living with a Cox family )
5.       Jane Boyce   65 - shopkeeper
      Robert Boyce  25
       Henry Boyce 16
6. Stephen Boyce 30 baker
           Ann Boyce    25
7.  William Boyce 25


RG9 - piece 4104 -Ed 14 -Folio031 -Schedule 043 -

16 Inkerman Tce - Swansea Upper

Isaac Boyce - Head - Married - 64 {c 1797}- born Twickenham Som- Proprieter of Houses.

Eliza Boyce -Wife-Married-50 {c 1811}- Bristol Som- Tailoress

RG9- piece 4097 -Ed 3-Folio 072- Schedule 076-

Clase Lower       ( SWANSEA)

John Boyce - Head - Married - 40 {c 1821} - Bristol GLS - Spelter Smelter

Maria Boyce - Wife-Married -30 {c1831}-Llangafelach Glam - ----------              

George Boyce -Son - ------   11 {c 1850}- Llangafelach Glam -----------

William Boyce - Son -------    9 {c 1852}- Llangafelach Glam --------

Emma Boyce - Daughter- --- 6  {c 1855} - Llangafelach Glam----------

James Boyce - Son ---------- 4 {c1857} - Llangafelach Glam-----------

John Boyce - Son ------------ 2 {c 1859] - Llangafelach Glam ------------

RG 9  -piece 4069 -Ed 29 -Folio 040 -Schedule 009 -

Trap Fothergils Lodge - LLwydcoed Hamlett {part}

Henry Boyce - Lodger - Unmarried - 20 {c 1841} - Middlesex Chelsea MDX - Under Gardener


 NameEstimated Birth YearBirthplaceRelationshipCivil ParishCounty/Island 
 Annie Boyceabt 1891 Renton, Somerset, EnglandDaughter Ystradyfodwg Glamorgan
 Eliza Boyceabt 1856 Renton, Somerset, EnglandWife Ystradyfodwg Glamorgan
 James Boyceabt 1854 Westbur Lawb Wells, Somerset, EnglandHead Ystradyfodwg Glamorgan
 John Boyceabt 1883
from Publicans list -
from WILLS list -
info transcribed from details posted on      blacksheep index
Here's a rough run down Marie's Boyce Family....
Great Grandmother Ellen Honor Lydia Boyce born c 1861 Norwich. [pencilled in freebmd Dec Q 4b 118] but not proven.
married William Downes 29 Aug 1880 St Matthew Church, Norwich, Source certificate.
Parents of Ellen H.L. Boyce were James Boyce born c1831 Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich and Caroline [possibly Wright] possible freebmd marriage Q3 4b 241,1854. I have Caroline and James together with Ellen & siblings in 1861 under the name 'POOYCE'...took some digging that one! Have them in 1871, I think James died in Jun Q 1874 and Caroline went on to marry Matthias H. Claxton Dec Q 1877, 4b 383, his first wife being Rebecca possible maiden King.
I have Caroline and Matthias in 1891, poss death on Matthias Dec Q 1895 Norwich. Caroline Wright/Boyce/Claxton was found in 1901 still working at age 71 as a dressmaker, times have not changed one bit! She was living with her single son James T. Boyce born c 1866 and Granddaughter Ethel K. Alby born c1887 Norwich.
Parents of James Boyce born c1831 Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich were John Boyce  born c1803/4 Scottow, Nfk & Lydia Frostdike born c 1803 Gressenhall. I have them in 1841, 1851, 1861.
Lydia Frostdike and John Boyce had a son John born 23 Nov 1828, he died before 1891, he also married a Lydia Unknown born c1829 Norwich, have them in 1861. Lydia was found in 1891 living with daughter Edith born c 1872 and son William born c 1869, both Norwich, she was a widow. Lydia was still living in 1901 still with William unmarried.
Parents of John Boyce born c1803/4 Scottow were Samuel Boyce and Mary Woodhouse, m 9 Jun 1795 Horstead, Nfk, I do have Samuel & Mary in 1841, possible death on John Boyce Jun Q 1868 aged 61, 4b 81, not proven.
The only thing proven todate is the marriage of Ellen H. L. Boyce to William Downes.
Maybe it will help someone one day....
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>> George HENDERSON b. Edinburgh, Dalkeith
>> Andrew GEDDES HENDERSON, b 27 Apr 1883 Edinburgh
>> Charles George-Gordon HENDERSON b. 1 Mar 1885
>> Edward Boyce - Violet HENDERSON m. 19 Aug ust 1887 October 6,
>> Carrygart, Donegal, Ireland
>> Violet HENDERSON, b. Edinburgh, Dalkeith
Info sent byDonna Woolum regarding an Irish Boyce family 
Donna is looking for connections to the Boyce family from Ireland.

The message left for me is below.

My GGG Grandfather George Boyce born 1817 in Ireland and his wife Catherine Murray was born abt 1817 in County Roscommon Ireland. Their son John Merle Boyce married My GGGrandmother Elizabeth Hunt ( her parents Thomas and Eliza Hunt were also from Ireland ) . They had a son named Tom Boyce.

Donna's maternal Grandmother was Mary Ruth Boyce who was the daughter of Tom Boyce and Beryl Norman.

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Reginald is looking for details on his father .
 His name was Reginald Hubert Boyce born Monmouthshire 1907 .
It is beleived he married twice , Reginald believes his dad Reginald Hubert Boyce died after 1957 as he was taken to Switzerland alone by his mother age 1.
Any complementary information about it would be warmly welcome!
This message was written from Geneva (Switzerland).
You can contact me  
- Many Thanks Dave Boyce -
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 Denise Shaw'S Boyce relatives -
Boyce, Annieabt 1882Camberwell, London, England
Boyce, Clara Priscillaabt 1874Camberwell
Boyce, Elizabeth Rabt 1867Bethnal Green
Boyce, EstherJune 1880Nunhead, Camberwell, London, England
Boyce, Georgeabt 1869Stepney, London, England
Boyce, Georgeabt 1846St Jas Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Boyce, Johnabt 1839St Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, England
Boyce, Josephabt 1842St Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, England
Boyce, Katieabt 1885Camberwell, London, England
Boyce, Leonard Gabt 1900Camberwell, London, England
Boyce, MatildaDec 1870Bethnal Green
Boyce, Nellieabt 1884Camberwell, London, England

George Boyce - Born abt 1846 Clerkenwell   , Died 1917 Camberwell BDM Vol 1d page 1326
Marriage to Matilda Stone Description: BMD Vol 1c p663
Marriage to Esther Jackson  Reg March BMD Vol 1d p 803 
Clara Priscilla Boyce  -  Born  abt 1874  Camberwell, London, Surrey BDM Reg Jan-March Vol 1dpage 766 
Marriage to Ernest William Ketteringham  05/07/1903 BDM Vol 1d p 1669

1881  Census7 Tappesfield Road, Peckham Camberwell 
Geo. Boyce                                35
Esther Boyce                              35
Geo. Boyce                                12
Elizth. R. Boyce                          14
Esther Boyce                                0
Clara Boyce                                  7
Denise Shaw would be interested to here from others interested in this family.
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 updated 26 april 2010