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1911 census - Boyce in Somersetshire

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1881 census Boyce in Glamorganshire

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1881 census Boyce in Somersetshire

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1901 census Boyce in Somersetshire

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1881 census Boyce in Glamorganshire

1881 census Boyce in Glamorganshire

Name  Birth
 Age Sex Registration District County
BOYCE, Albert186615 MPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Alfred1879MPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Eliza1874FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Eliza Ann186120 FMerthyr TydfilGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth184734 FCardiffGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth185229 FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth1873FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth186912 FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth187110 FNeathGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Elizabeth1880FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Ellen187110 FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Emma185724 FGowerGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Fanny186021 FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, George1877MPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, George181665 MMerthyr TydfilGlamorganshire
BOYCE, George1879MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Georgina1880FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Isaac185922 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, James186318 MNeathGlamorganshire
BOYCE, James185724 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Jane182358 FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, John185328 MPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Joseph183249 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Joseph187011 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Louisa186021 FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Margaret183447 FNeathGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Mary183942 FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Mary Ellen1881FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Robert183546 MNeathGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Robert186516 MNeathGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Rose G1878FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Samuel186417 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Sarah A185625 FPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Sarah A1877FSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, Walter186714 MNeathGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William184437 MCardiffGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William185130 MPontypriddGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William186318 MMerthyr TydfilGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William185328 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William185427 MSwanseaGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William J1872MCardiffGlamorganshire
BOYCE, William J1877MPontypriddGlamorganshire


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